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The courses

International course of Theatrical Biomechanics of Meyerhold

The course is conducted by Master Gennadi N. Bogdanov and Claudio Massimo Paternò (the Master assistant). The aim of the course is practical and theoretical comprehension of the principles of the theatrical biomecchanics of Meyerhold.
The program follows all the pedagogical steps that Meyerhold structured for his own actor school and consists of 44 pedagogical points handed down orally through Master Kustov to Master Bogdanov.
This pedagogical program was created by Master Gennadi N. Bogdanov and Claudio Massimo Paternò in exclusive for CISBiT of Perugia.

The course is structured in 4 levels of apprehension:
-    1 basic level (68 hours)
-    2 intermediate level (68 hours)
-    3 advanced level (96 hours)
-    4 drama

2 “in-depth” courses:
- 1 Training-Principles-Etudes (30 hours),
- 2 Training-Principles-Rithm (30 hours);

and introductory workshops of different duration.

The 3 levels are conducted in a form of intensive 2 weeks workshop, the “in-depth” courses have the duration of 1-week workshop, and introductory workshop can be structured in two ways:
-    1 or 2 intensive weekends or
-    Twice-weekly meetings.

The 4th level are conducted in a form of intensive 3 weeks workshop and the students will play scenes from different authors.

At the end of each workshop student will receive certificate of attendance. For the students of the 3 levels workshops or in-depth courses the Master Gennadi Bogdanov will submit the “Analysis of the work” (it consists of the comment on student work during the course and contains the suggestions of personalized training on the base of theatrical biomecchanics in the way to help a student in everyday work). 
The sessions of the work are taking place every 6 months and have different duration (15 or 30 days).

The basic level is opened for all the people submitting application form, having a good health and serious interest in the course. That is why at the moment of admission to the course all the students should provide updated CV, that contains all the personal data, medical certificate and motivation letter.

Attendance to the next level is decided by the Master on the basis of comprehension of the student (that is expressed in the “Analysis of the work”). This process shouldn’t be considered a selection but a serious and carefully considered valuation that takes into account the difficulty that the student run into and relates it with the next level program.

All the courses have obligatory attendance and it is tolerated only 10% of absences.

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