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Gennadi N. Bogdanov

Gennadi Nikolaevic Bogdanov (1949) graduated from the State Academy of Moscow (GITIS) in 1972 and worked for 20 years in a Theatre of the Satire of Moscow like an actor.

At the same year become the student of Master Nikolaj Kustov (actor and instructor of the theatrical biomechanics of Meyerhold) with whom study till 1976. Inherited the tradition of the theatrical biomechanics of Meyerhold, used like a basis of his work in a theatre, Master Bogdanov began hard work of popularization of the theatrical biomechanics first in all Soviet Union area and then abroad beginning from the ’90 taking ahead the mission that was given to him by his Master.

In 1980 he was invited by the rector of the State Academy of Moscow (GITIS) to organize a course of Theatrical biomechanics that from 1986 became obligatory for all the students of the academy. In 1993 he founded inside the GITIS International School of theatrical biomechanics for the foreign actors, that now has a headquarter at Mime Center of Berlin.

At 2000 Master Bogdanov definitely leave GITIS of Moscow to dedicate all his time to the activity of director and teacher outside Russia.

In the middle of the first half of  ’90 and in the beginning of 2000 he cooperates with ISTA (International School of Theatrical Anthropology) of Eugenio Barba,  with Grotowski Center of Wrozlaw and Pontedera. He has a strait cooperation with MIME Center and ERNST BUSCH School of Berlin and Freehold of Seattle.
He dedicated and still continue to dedicate a greater part of his work to popularization of the method, participating at the demonstrations and teaching all around the world.

Like a director he worked in USA, Germany, France, England (he is a director of English company Talia Theatre of Manchester). He also works for the production of the official and independent theatres and for the single projects like L`EXPO 2000 of Hannover.
Now, together with other activities, he is also a pedagogical director of the CISBiT (international center of the theatrical biomechanics of Perugia) where he organizes and conducts the international course of the theatrical Biomechanics.

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