The actor’S Space

3 weeks - 3 modules - 100 hours of work (90 practical, 10 theoretical)

Registration by 24 July 2021 - limited places

In 2021 the 29th work session will present three level that will allow to study the action and the theatrical gesture (organization, control and awareness) according to the principles of the Theatrical Biomechanics of Meyerhold and to experiment through the knowledge of the classical Etjud, one's own expressive potential in relation to rhythm and space.

The first module will allow you to know the basic principles of the study of gesture following the Meyerhold Theatrical Biomechanics education system, the second module will deepen them through daily physical training that will also focus on the visual rhythm of the gesture and on the study of form expressive body of the actor (classical Etujd). The 3rd module will focus on the study of expressive movement in different spaces such as practicable of different shapes, stairs, tables, on the eccentric gesture and on how to attract the attention of the public.

Application fees:

For all work sessions (3 courses):

€ 790,00* if you submit your application by April 30, 2021

€ 890,00* if you submit your application after April 30, 2021

Single week course:

1st level course ITP 34 hours of work  2nd - 7th of August € 300,00* (see more...)

2nd level course TTP 33 hours of work 9th - 14th of August € 340,00* (see more...)

3rd level course TPS 33 hours of work 16th -21th of August € 360,00* (see more...)

For more infomation: 075 5721238 - 347 0798353

* The insurance is included whereas all other living expenses are not included.

We will help you plan your trip and find an accommodation to make your stay as pleasant and productive as possible.

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2nd - 21st of august 2021

directed by

Gennadi N. Bogdanov

29th work session - summer 2021