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deadline enrollement april 30th 2021

from june 28th  to august 31st 2021

direction by Gennadi N. Bogdanov and Claudio Massimo Paternò

The International Meyerhold | Biomechanics Center presents its Summer School, organized by the International Center for Theater Biomechanics Studies in collaboration with Master School srl.

It is the first theater school in the world that bases its pedagogy exclusively on Meyerhold Theater Biomechanics as an integrated system of education in the art of acting, following the pedagogical lines of the great Russian director and pedagogue.

The professional qualification course for Actor / Performer (9 weeks and 480 hours) is a path to know and to explore through an intense daily practice a method to organize and to develop own creativity. The teachings are aimed for increasing personal skills and for deepening some practical and theoretical aspects. From this point of view, school teachers are mentors to compare with and to refer to them to form own path in art.

The corse is refered to:

15 Italian and foreign actors/actresses, performers, opera singers, dancers from 18 years of age.

Foreign students are required to have a basic knowledge of Italian language.

All lessons will be in Italian and English.


Two months for a total of 480 hours, divided into

320 hours of practical lessons,

20 hours of theory,

60 hours of personal practice,

60 hours of mentoring and tutoring.


Perugia - Italy

Certificates issued:

Professional qualification certificate of Actor/Performer valid at national level and according to the European EQF qualifications framework, for the purposes of starting work and company management.

Certificate on "safety in the workplace".

Final feedback from all teachers.

Teaching subjects:

Meyerhold Theater Biomechanics

Ballet training

Step dance training


Manipulation of objects

Voice and rhythm

Commedia dell’arte

Action dramaturgy

Dramaturgy of a classic text

Dramaturgy of a contemporary text

Dramaturgy of the image

Puppet manipulation


Theatrical Esthetics

Community psychology

History of theatrical processes

History of digital media



Gennadi N. BogdanovMeyerhold Theater Biomechanics

Prof. Fausto Malcovati – Theoretical area


Maurizio AzzurroCommedia dell’arte

Marcelo BulgarelliAction dramaturgy

Nicola di FilippoVoice and rithm

Ladilsava Laura DujsikovaStep dance training

Francesco Paolo Isidoro Image dramaturgy and performance

Bianca Lindidance training and muscle strecthing

Claudio Massimo Paternò - Training, Dramaturgy from classic texts, Puppet manipulation

Robert ReidDramaturgy from contemporany texts

Prof. Gabriele SofiaTheoratical area

Walter SumkasAcrobatics and e objects manipulation


Claudio Massimo Paternò

Study methodology:

The school is divided into 3 phases:

•education (training, learning, exploration)

•experimentation (approaches to different dramaturgical contexts)

•composition (creative accompaniment from idea to performance).

There will be technical teaching, theoretical lessons, scenic exercises and moments of self-creation assisted by a tutor.

The whole course is based on the pedagogical path of the Meyerhold Theatrical Biomechanics system.

All main teachers are world experts of the method with decades of experience on the stage and application of the method in different performance contexts.

Requirements for application:

Send an application form with CV and photo and motivation letter no later than April 30th, 2021 specifying ADMISSION SUMMER SCHOOL on the subject of the email.

You will then be contacted for an interview via zoom / skype.

The ranking will be announced by May 10th.

The course is open to a maximum of 15 participants

School fee:

€ 2900.00 VAT free

Terms of payment:

Deposit of € 1000.00 upon registration

Balance of € 1900.00 within the first week of the course.

Technical objectives of the course of study:

• Knowledge and awareness of different types of space.

• Development of multiple personal expressive potentials

• Study of the principles governing the phrase of the action

• Awareness of action rhythm and musicality.

• The dramaturgical text and the word in theater

• Dramaturgical studies with and without text.

• Individual and group compositional exercises.

Pedagogical objectives of the course of study:

Expand personal empowerment in the field of theater and performance through the acquisition of useful technical skills for

• developing personal potential, self-esteemation and self-organization.

• making choices and act effectively.

• strating inclusive and hybridization processes.

• connecting different contexts and artistic environments.

• increasing creativity within interdisciplinary planning systems.

Pedagogical Contents:

The participant will develop skills that improve:

• the relationship between expressive means (body, voice, objects), action and different types of space. (stage, sitespecific, street, video, digital).

• the relationship between the multiple dynamics that act in a performance.

• the personal awareness in the “role”, in the “character” and in the interaction with audiance.

• empathy.

• critical research as a creative method.

• self-analysis and autonomy in performative creation.

• harmony and creative happiness.

Health requirements:
At the beginning of the course, participants have to exhibit:

•a medical certificate of good health.

•a negative Covid swab report or Covid vaccination certificate.

All lessons will follow a strict Covid protocol.

Participants will be responsible for their own health conditions.