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History of Theatrical Biomechanics of Meyerhold

The Theatrical Biomechanics is the traditional system of theatrical education.

It is based on the research work on the art of the actor done at '20 of the '900 by Vsevolod Emil'evic Meyerhold.
Like for all the other arts, also for theatrical art very precise, tangible, and specific rules are needed. On this rules the actor, creator of the work of art and at the same time the creation of art by himself should base his work in order to make him creative.
The Theatrical Biomechanics consists of 44 pedagogical principles that give the direction for the student comprehension and that form the basis on which every actor should began to develop the proper technique.
The centre of the system is the actor’s body, considered like a first expressive and creative mean, principal instrument of the communication

"Only when the body becomes malleable like a wax actor can express him".

Vsevolod Emil'evich Meyerhold

The educational system that Meyerhold structured for his students was born from the necessity to create a new actor, able to exceed the limits, the actor that shouldn't be a slave of the proper instincts and emotionalism but enter into the creative process consciously.

The basis of the system consists of 7 principles of the construction of the action.
Admirable summary of the research work of Meyerhold, these 7 principles are concentrated on a specific moment of the "bios" of an actor and give to him the right coordinates for the conscious management of acting.
The research work that was made by Russian director with the actors, musicians, painters and architectures began with the practical study of the different traditional performances, from Kabuki Theatre to Traditional Chinese Theatre, from the Comedy of Art to Classic Ballet, from the Circus and the Theatre of the Fair to The Baroque Spanish theatre.
By depriving the respective aesthetic peculiarity and putting in the relation with the principles of the movement the disciplines like Chinese martial arts and boxing, supported by the Pavlov studies, by the ideas of productivity and taylorism, Meyerhold studied the single technical basis and found the pedagogical and technical principles in common that than were synthesized in the program of the Theatrical biomechanics system.

This system not only gives to the actor the technical basis but also teach him to consider the form like a basis for the theatrical art.


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