Deadline 30th of march 2020

from 29th june to 31st august 2020

Summer 2020

directed by Gennadi N. Bogdanov and Claudio Massimo Paternò


The Biomechanics Summer Theater School is the first school in the world that offers a theatrical training course based on the education system of Theatrical Biomeccanics of Mejerchol'd. The teachers of the school are actors, directors and trainers who, starting from the Theatrical Biomechanics of Mejerchol'd, have specialized in a specific performative typology.

The program starts with basic technical instruments and goes to the composition and dramaturgy, the same educational system developed by Mejerchol'd in the early 1900s, the basis of the Soviet and now Russian theatrical academic system.

The methodology of the system is based on an actor's complete awareness of his own expressive tools and on an organization of rational and scientific work that gradually follows the student in every aspect of his training.

The school offers a program with different study subjects that will help the students to improve and get to know their expressive tools (body and voice), to expand their artistic knowledge, to take possession of the tools necessary to deal with composition and dramaturgy.

Subjects of the course: 

Theatrical Biomechanics of Mejerchol'd (basic technique) AcrobaticsManipulation of objectsClassical dance

Step dance

Voice, music and rhythm Mask and image Action drama Composition / performance

History of contemporary theater

History and tradition of Theatrical Biomechanics of Mejerchol’d


Create a physical, vocal, spatial, emotional consciousness

Provide universal basic technical tools

Expand technical knowledge

Develop an artistic consciousness in order to transform the idea into an artistic act


2490.00 **

**The costs include insurance costs. Food, accommodation and travel expenses are not included.



Technical judgment of each teacher

Final report


Gennadi N. Bogdanov (school director)

Claudio Massimo Paternò (coordinator of the school)

Marcelo Bulgarelli

Francesco Paolo Isidoro

Nicola di Filippo

Ladislava Laura Dujsikova


Italian and English


Italian and foreign students aged between 18 and 35 in good health can apply to participate in the "2020 Class" of the Biomechancs Summer Theater School.

You will need to

Send at a request to participate in the selection together with a CV, a photo and a motivation letter of a maximum of 300 words clearly indicating why you chose this school and what are your own artistic goals and interests

Deadline: midnight on 30 March 2020.

By April 5, 2020, the 12 selected students will be notified by email and will have 10 days to pay the full fee.


400 hours

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